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4WDriving at Kilcowera

Do you like driving on dirt?

So do we, and we have plenty of it.

A 2WD vehicle will get you to Kilcowera, and is good enough for most of our tracks when they are fact, 2WD's were all most outback stations had until the 1980's...

...but 4WD vehicles give us the versatility in rougher terrain.

The main route that we recommend is the eastern loop.  Maps are available from our tourism managers.  Please listen on the station frequency 39.   There is 3G Telstra reception along some of the route.  In the dry, this track is passable even in a good 2WD.

Kilcowera secrets is a driving plan which you can purchase from the tourism managers.  We loan you a GPS iPad which shows you the station tracks, some extra features, and away you go.

Here is a link to the tours.

Bogged 4WD.jpeg

In the wet, everything gets bogged, even caterpillar track machines such as our dozer.  You can be driving along one moment, not realising that a soft section has developed in front of you, and the next minute you are stationary up to the chassis.

Getting bogged is not great, because it really messes up the tracks and terrain.  And it can take ages to get your vehicle out.  Depending where you are.   

So make sure to take plenty of water, and leave a safety plan with a responsible adult.  Better also to travel in groups.  

Our first recommendation is to prevent tourists driving when the ground is wet. Please respect this.  Kilcowera is not the next set for your 4WD reality TV show.  

Our next recommendation is that you carry recovery gear.  Snatch straps are a must, as long as you have. We have needed to use 70 meters on one occasion.  If you get bogged, we will try and help you as soon as possible.  We will need to charge a recovery fee.   

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