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Getting to Kilcowera

Where are we?

Kilcowera is located deep in the Australian Outback, in South West Queensland. Located in the Bullo River Shire, our station is far from everywhere. This makes it the perfect escape for travellers seeking an adventurous retreat. Check out the map below to see where we're located.

Kilcowera getting to map.png

Getting to Kilcowera

Flying is a great way of travelling to Kilcowera. Flight times in a light plane are approximately 2 to 4 hours from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We have 2 airstrips available for pilots, and 4 more strips scattered around the station. Pilot information can be found here.

Most of our guests arrive by car. You can approach in two ways.

The NORTH approach is via Thargomindah. The driveway to Kilcowera Station is located 76 km south of Thargomindah on the new Hungerford Road. It is mostly dirt road that is well maintained.

The SOUTH approach is via Hungerford, on the Qld NSW border. This approach is 92 km of dirt road. It is most susceptible to road closure.

Before you come, please check the current status of roads with the Paroo Shire Council web page found here. You can also ring the police station at Hungerford or Thargomindah to check the most current situation. Sometimes there is a "flood truck" that carries cars across flooded sections.

PLEASE NOTE:  When using Google maps, navigate to "Kilcowera entrance" or "Kilcowera access".  When approaching from the North (from Thargomindah) or South (from Hungerford), keep driving along Hungerford Road until you see the signs for Kilcowera Station. Sometimes navigation maps take travellers through our neighbour's property, along a private road, with no signage. 

Cycling can be a great way to cross Australia. Just ask our good friend Steve Schoemaker, who made the great crossing to support the HCLS school in the Democratic Republic of Congo, found here. In practice, it is hard yakka.  


Mountain bikes are great fun at Kilcowera. There are many back country tracks that can be explored, and we are happy to give you suggestions for a great day out. Our 33 km Kilcowera traverse starts at the Shearers quarters and follows the old bullock trail to Lake Wyara. Information can be found here.

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