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Safety at Kilcowera

You're in safe hands

The safety of our guests is our highest priority, so please consider the following information.

  1. Snakes are native animals at Kilcowera. You will encounter them during the day or night. It is important that you study first aid for snake bites which can be found here. Patients who are treated promptly and receive antivenom from Thargomindah have a very good chance for a complete recovery. Do not walk around in the dark at night. Use a torch.  

  2. When travelling, please do not leave the marked trails. Please control your speed when traveling. The tracks may have washouts or other unexpected obstacles (such as a cow). Slow down and enjoy the environs. Where practical, travel in groups. Expect to get bogged or break down, and have a rescue plan and appropriate retrieval equipment.  

  3. There is a defibrillator in the Shearers quarters.

  4. The station UHF radio channel is 39. Please maintain a listening watch.

  5. Please ensure you leave a log of your travel intentions, and nominate a SARTIME (search and rescue) with a responsible adult. 

6.  Medical Services. Thargomindah has a nurse medical service with a bush ambulance.


The Royal Flying Doctors (RFDS) are a nominated charity for Kilcowera. They provide a great service. They can retrieve patients from our airstrips. It takes 1-3 hours for them to reach us from first receiving an emergency call.


We have a limited drug box which is available for emergencies with RFDS doctors prescription.

And avoid getting sucked up into a tornado.  We are still looking for Dorothy...

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