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Growing finest quality beef

Humans have debated for thousands of years whether we should eat animals.​  There are good arguments for and against.  ​We need the iron, and we need the energy that beef gives so easily.  And we now understand that the western diet is flooded with sugars, carbohydrates, new man-made grains that are genetically engineered, and other foods, which are associated with disease in humans.  


At Kilcowera, our aim is to grow fine beef, should you chose to include beef in your diet.​


To accomplish this, we own a herd of Wagyu bulls from quality genetic parents.  Australians are learning that the Japanese breed of Wagyu cattle produces high quality marbled beef.

We cross these bulls with Black Angus cows, bought from the green pastures of Victoria and the New England highlands.  This blend produces what the industry calls "F1 cross" calves. These are highly prized for their soft marbled meat.   ​


We think Kilcowera is an ideal place to grow cattle.  We call Kilcowera the "supermarket".  Our animals are free to roam through paddocks of 20 000 to 60 000 acres.  They can eat whatever they wish.  ​We often look at the "mono-pastures" of some farms.  Can you imagine only eating one type of food day in and day out?  


Kilcowera pastures are a huge supermarket for animals, with so much healthy eating choice for our herd.  This is as close to "organic" as you can possibly get.  No pasture modifications.  No pesticides or herbicides.  No worries.  ​

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