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Courtesy at Kilcowera

Our Courtesy Policy

Kilcowera is a special place for so many people.  When guests come to Kilcowera, they are seeking to enjoy our serene environment in peace and quiet.  Certain behaviours are inconsistent with the enjoyment of all our guests, so please read this information carefully before you come.


  1. Vehicles must stay on formed roads and tracks. Do not travel off road. Do not spin your wheels intentionally and disturb dry lagoon beds.

  2. All rubbish must be removed by guests. We do not have a rubbish disposal service, so we prefer to you take your waste with you, and dispose in the council waste at the next town.

  3. Smoking is an antisocial behaviour that is banned in all buildings. Smoking also presents a fire hazard in our environment. We prefer you see your visit as the best opportunity to stop smoking. Talk to your GP about strategies to do this.

  4. Guests with pets should read our Pet information section here.   

  5. Please consider your noise pollution footprint. Kilcowera is one of the most silent environments that you can enjoy.  You can hear insects, lizards, birds and other creatures. Please keep human noise to a minimum. Watch your behaviour in the mornings and nights, and consider others. Quiet times are before 7am, and after 9pm.

  6. Please respect the shared facilities and spaces. The camp kitchen, showers and toilets are available for all. Clean up after yourself. Please always close the toilet lids to keep the snakes out. Whilst the hot water is unlimited, there will be others waiting their turn to experience the amazing artesian bore water, and they may not find your singing as pleasing as you do.   

  7. Do not travel about the property without telling the tourism managers where you are going, and when you will return. Log a "search and rescue" time for your return. We prefer you travel in groups of vehicles.

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