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Lagoon Activities

A piece of Outback Paradise

Our lagoon is one of our favourite places.  Our guests keep coming back year after year to rest beside our still waters.  It is our favourite place to camp, watch the sunrise, and fry the steaks in the evening.

For the adventurous, there are yabbies.  There are deeper parts for swimming.  There are canoes.  There are walks, and cycling tracks.  

This is one of our prime sites for bird-watching.  Actually there is so much to watch here...even the path of a lizard crawling lazily along the sandy shores.  


Or the pattern in the mulga wood branches can fascinate photographers.   

It is for the reason of the delicate ecosystem of micro-beasts and mini-beasts, that we have designated a sanctuary zone around the lagoon.  Please respect this zone, and do not walk into, and damage the bush.

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