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Travelling Around Kilcowera

Tips for travelling around the station

One of our favourite activities at Kilcowera is simply driving around, and enjoying the various sights and sounds of the variable terrain.  This means taking plenty of time, stopping frequently, and enjoying the many small walks along the way.  

There are two categories of tracks that you can enjoy.

1.  The Blue Tracks, which are the main routes to the east of the station, and other major sights that you can enjoy.

2. The Red Tracks, which are the Kilcowera back-country tracks.  These can only be accessed by negotiation with our managers, who can advise you on safety and suitability of these areas.  We can supply you with these tracks on moving map GPS for an extra charge.

It is essential that you read our safety section found here.  Maps can also be found here, and are in development for your ease of use.  

Please respect our roads.  We do not have council road builders available to repair our tracks, and frequent use wears them down.  So please don't spin your wheels unnecessarily. Please do not drive through wet sections and carve out ever deeper ruts.  Kilcowera is not the place to practice your extreme 4WD back country skills.   

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