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Pets at Kilcowera

Important Pet Information

At Kilcowera, we love animals.  Our priority is for the welfare of our livestock, and the native animals that create our marvellous ecosystem. 

We have tried to function with the pet policy outlined below.  But unfortunately some pet owners have abused our volunteer caretakers, and not followed the rules.

So we are no longer allowing guests to bring their pets to Kilcowera. 

Fundamentally your pet is a threat to the wildlife.  Dogs are very scary for the small animals that inhabit our tiny spaces.  Wild-dog baiting is practiced throughout the area to reduce the threat of dogs.  These baits are a risk to domestic dogs as well.  

No one can love your pet as much as you do, which also means that no one will love your pet as much as you do. Our guests and staff frequently comment on the poor control of pets, and we want to eliminate these complaints to us.  


Guests can No longer bring pets, because some guests did not understand the following:

  1. Pets must be supervised and restrained on a leash or in a cage at all times. Pets cannot roam around the property unrestrained, as they threaten the habitat of the native species.   

  2. Pets cannot enter any of the buildings.  At night they must be housed inside your tent, caravan or car.   

  3. Our guests come to Kilcowera to enjoy the serenity. Pets that are not quiet do not belong at Kilcowera, and are best left at home. Barking dogs are not welcome.   

  4. Please pick up the poo.  Pet waste must be removed in entirety by the owner.   

  5. Pets cannot be taken into the Sanctuary zone around the lagoon, for the protection of the delicate ecosystems and birdlife that dwell there.   

  6. There are numerous walks around the central areas that can be enjoyed with pets on restraints.   

  7. Please respect these rules, and consider leaving your pet at home, to avoid the embarrassment of being asked to leave because of your pet disturbing the environment.  

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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