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Wildlife Sanctuary

Conserving Outback Wilderness

One of the things we love about Kilcowera is the great expansive space available to explore and enjoy. We love allowing visitors to enjoy the landscape with limited restrictions. However, there is one area of Kilcowera that we ask visitors to exercise courtesy and follow some simple rules. That area is our stunning Cardenyabba lagoon.

Shaded in red in the photo below is our Sanctuary zone.  

This zone is intended to protect the ecosystems, and habitats of the wildlife. The slightest disturbance to the undergrowth can end the family of small birds, lizards or insects. These "mini-beasts" provide the sustenance of the bird-life that is so popular for guests at Kilcowera.

In this zone it is prohibited to do the following:

Walk or drive off tracks.

Collect firewood.

Bring pets into the zone.

Light fires outside of the fireplaces.

We thank you for your respect and adherence to

these rules.

See you at Kilcowera Station!

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