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Arrival Day

Plan to arrive mid-afternoon.  That gives you plenty of time to settle into your accommodation, and plan your first meal.   Determine the sunrise and sunset times and the moon cycle.  Sunsets can be enjoyed anywhere, but are best seen looking across a flat water lagoon.  Walk across our dam wall (not drive) and head north about 500 meters to a great spot.  Remember the refreshments.

First full day

Rise early to get the best still air.  The lagoon is often a glass mirror and you might catch the famous Kilcowera double-sun rise.  Bird-watchers and photographers will already have discovered their favourite spots.  Otherwise ask our friendly care-takers.

The eastern Lake driving loop takes about 6 hours, so pack lunch and refreshments.  Wear long pants and heavy walking shoes. Take swimmers and towels to swim in the Rock Hole.  There are several side-trips such as to Red Hole, which is another perfect destination for bird-watching or the sunset.

After dinner, plan an hour lying flat on your back watching the stars and count the meteors.  

Second full-day

Rise early again as the sunrise may be very different.   There is a sun-rise watching area half way along the driveway, on the jump-up, where you can light a morning fire and enjoy the natural show.  

After a slow breakfast, decide if you want a lazy day or another travel day.  There are several other points of interest in the tourist book.  

We like to loop the lagoon on foot, which is a 10 km walk.  There are also lovely wetlands immediately to the north of the Shearer's Quarters to be explored.  

Wander around the shearing shed and imagine what life looked like when you would have been surrounded by thousands of sheep and the smell of fresh sheared wool.  

Keep imagining, and let time stop for a while...

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