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Our favourite activites

So much to do at Kilcowera..

There are so many activities and places to explore whilst visiting Kilcowera Station.

We really enjoy the beautiful outback.  Of course it is hard work managing an outback station, growing food, farming carbon, and caring for our precious guests.  

The station is remote.  We are "off the trail", 70 km from the bitumen down Hungerford Road.  

But for those who want to make the journey, there is as much, or as little, as you want to do.

First, it requires you to open your mind, and consider the possibilities.


Scroll down this page to take a look at all the activities we offer at Kilcowera, and click on the banners that interest you to learn more! 

We love creating ways for our visitors to connect and engage with the glorious wilderness of Outback Queensland, in a safe and relaxing way.

Whilst the activities listed above are easily accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, we ask that you read our safety guidelines (found here) in order to gain a holistic understanding of the experiences you will encounter at Kilcowera.

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