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Currawinya National Park

A haven of wildlife in the Outback

To the east of Kilcowera Station is Currawinya National Park. Lake Wyara is on our immediate eastern boundary. You can access Currawinya NP from our station. It is possible to drive a short distance towards the edge of the Lake, and from there to walk down to the creek. Abundant birdlife can often be found there. As this is part of National Parks, vehicles need a permit to enter the park. We encourage all travellers to join National Parks. You will need to comply with all National Park rules.


Staying at Kilcowera is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape, because you can return to our great facilities including our hot artesian bore showers, green grass, and a soft bed at the end of the day.

Guests that visit Kilcowera often comment that our station has more to offer than the National Park.  Hot showers.  Warm beds.   Great cooking facilities.  Local knowledge.   What do you think?

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