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Accommodation Options

Accommodation to suit your needs

There are a large variety of accommodation options to suit the needs of all visitors to Kilcowera, and ensure that each stay is a relaxing and refreshing one. There are a variety of rooms available in the Shearer's Quarter's for visitors seeking a more comfortable stay. For visitors who prefer to camp, there are several options available. Read below to discover which stay will suit your needs most appropriately.


Shearer's Quarters

Modern facilities in the Outback

The Shearer's Quarters consists of 8 Bedrooms, a kitchen, and a shared lounge area with a slow combustion heater. Travellers staying in the comfortable Shearer's Quarters will have full access to the modern kitchen facilities, Artesian Bore Showers, washing machine and outdoor fire pit. All rooms come fully equipped with linen, towels and a wardrobe.

See below for different room options inside the Shearer's Quarters.


Twin Bedroom

There are five Twin Bedrooms within the Shearer's Quarters

Two rooms are Air Conditioned, three are not

Both rooms have two single beds, sleeping up to two guests


Queen Bedroom

There are two queen Bedrooms within the Shearer's Quarters

One room is Air Conditioned, one is not

Both rooms have large Queen Bed, which sleeps up to two guests


Triplet Bedroom

The triplet bedroom is not air-conditioned

This room has one single bed and a bunk bed for up to three guests

This room is perfect for children

There is only one Triplet Bedroom within the Shearer's Quarters


Prices Per Night

Room with Air Conditioning:


Room without Air Conditioning:


Important Information

  1. Unless travelling in a large group, guests staying in the Shearer's Quarters will likely have to share the facilities with other visitors. We asks guests to exercise patience during their stay. If privacy is preferred, we recommend travelling in a large group to ensure that you get the accommodation to yourself.

  2. The bathrooms are not located inside the Shearer's Quarters, however they are only within a few metres of the building.

  3. The Shearer's Quarters kitchen consists of a fridge, freezer, microwave, stovetop and pantry, along with large amounts of kitchenware and utensils.

  4. If you are considering bringing a pet, we ask you to please click here to read our Kilcowera Pet Policy.


Camp Sites

Uninterrupted Wilderness Camping

There are several camping options available to visitors at Kilcowera. These range from the comfortable powered lawn camping sites for visitors seeking a relaxing and low intensity stay, to the true outback wilderness camping for visitors seeking a slice of outback adventure. Access to certain facilities depends on the camping options guests would like to choose from.

See below for different camping options around Kilcowera Station.


Powered/Unpowered Lawn Sites

Powered or Unpowered sites for tents, campers, motorhomes or caravans on the Shearer's Quarters lawn.

Access to the Shearer's Quarters Camp Kitchen and Fire Pit.

Access to Shearer's Quarters bathroom and shower facilities.


Unpowered Lagoon Sites

The spectacular Cardenyabba Lagoon is one of the highlights of Kilcowera. There are a dozen waterfront campsites right along its 5km bank, providing visitors with a private and secluded stay. 

Sites for tents, campers motorhomes or caravans.

5 min drive from toilets and laundry facilities at Shearer's Quarters

Click here for link to map of lagoon campsites.


Outback Wilderness Camping

For the true adventure travellers. Sometimes the conditions on the station are conducive to allowing guests to explore some of the "hard-to-reach" places for wilderness camping. We have approximately 40 waterholes, many of which are "secretly known" to only a few. Requires full safety gear and provisions, and can be discussed with the managers a few days before your arrival.

Extra charges apply, and a rescue plan is required.  

Luscious grass lagoon

Prices Per Night

Unpowered Shearers Lawn Site: 


Powered Shearers Lawn Site: 


Unpowered Lagoon Site: 


Outback Wilderness Camping:


Important Information

1.  We love guests.  We love people.  We love sharing this unique and beautiful landscape.  

2.  Kilcowera is different all the time - you never know what you will experience, the weather, the conditions, the wildlife.  Sometimes we are awash with water and covered in exotic colourful birds.  Sometimes we are parched dry, and it is the thorny lizard basking in the sun that captivates.  That is what makes it so exciting, and why the "friends of Kilcowera" keep returning.  

3.  1 campsite per tent/caravan/campervan/motorhome. Each site can house a maximum of 8 guests.

The lagoon is located approximately 5 minutes away from the Shearer's Quarters. Lagoon campsite guests are allowed to use the toilet/laundry facilities, however are not permitted to use the camp kitchen or the fire pits. 

4.  There are fire pits provided at each campsite, however visitors are NOT permitted to use firewood from the lagoon area. We have a special sanctuary area around the lagoon (click here to learn more). This means guests must bring their own firewood, or request some to be delivered daily. We do not allow guests to pick up sticks and logs from around the lagoon area, as we do not want to disturb the wilderness and deter wildlife from congregating around the lagoon. 

5.  Click here for our Kilcowera Pet policy.

6.  It's really important to note that the lagoons and waterholes at Kilcowera are entirely seasonal. Whilst the lagoon is stunning when it is full, there are large portions of the year when the lagoon is bone dry. We don't want you to arrive at Kilcowera and be disappointed if there is no water in the lagoon, so make sure you find out about the conditions on the ground at the time of your visit. 

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