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Wilderness Wanders

Outback Adventures on Foot

One of the best ways to connect with creation is on your own two feet. Kilcowera is the perfect wilderness to do this. With changing landscapes and rolling vistas, taking in the delights of our station in your hiking boots or mountain bike is one of our favourite recommendations.

We have prepared the following walks enabling you to enjoy Kilcowera's wide variety of landscapes. There are walks suitable for all types of fitness. They typically follow the paths created by the wildlife of the station.

Remember your safety precautions. Always wear strong hiking boots, good socks and long trousers.


1 – The Shearers lagoon block is a short loop of the waterhole just to the south of the Shearers shed. The gentle stroll typically takes half an hour and is a good way to get started.

2 – The Shearers quarters loop takes in some of the Woodlands, and takes one hour.  From the Shearer’s quarters, walk north along the fence line.  You will find a white street side marker.  Head north west about 100 meters until you find a beautiful lagoon.  We found gorgeous crucifix frogs and bird life here.   Keep heading northwest along the trail, and walk the road back, or simply retrace your steps. If you feel lost, head west until you hit the fence, and then south back to the quarters.

3 – Loop the lagoon is a 10 km walk around our beautiful lagoon heading in an anticlockwise direction. Starting just before sunrise is our favourite. Watching the sun rise over the mirrored waters and listening to the active birdlife is invigorating. The experience changes with the different phases of the day, so the walk is worth doing at any time. As you continue your walk, you cross the south lagoon dam at the halfway point and then enjoy the lagoon in full sun as you make your way back to the Shearers quarters, or at the end of the day, you watch the sunset mirrored in the waters.

4. – The Kilcowera Wilderness Wander is a 33 km walk that starts at the Shearers quarters and ends at Lake Wyara. The walk takes in the Shearers shed lagoon, the eastern side of our lagoon, and then head east across Kimberley paddock following dry Creek beds, using tracks the wildlife have made. It crosses some grasslands and the day ends for walkers at Mount Roy. Watch the sunset as you dine on refreshments and rest ready for the second day. The next morning, rise early and watch the sunrise over Lake Wyara in the distance. You then follow the old Bullock Trail down the dry riverbed of Youlaingee Creek. You’ll climb several headlands to take in the views and then drop back down to the level of the creek bed for the cooler grasslands and shade of the trees. You will pass several water holes where you can stop for lunch, and swim in our rock pool. The day ends at Lake Wyara where enthusiasts will enjoy the birdlife. This is a serious wilderness walk for those wishing to connect with the sights and sounds of the outback, with plenty of time to contemplate. Mountain bikers could do the return loop in a day.

Support services are always available by prior arrangement.

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