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Star-gazing and astronomy

Lie back and soak in the Universe

Kilcowera is one of the most remote places away from light pollution in Australia. The nearest town is Thargomindah, over 75 km away. This is one of the best places to observe the night sky, with almost zero light pollution. We are a true night sky sanctuary.   These amazing photos were taken with an iPhone. On any night, before the moon rises, or after it sets, the universe lights up in the Kilcowera way. Simple binoculars enhance your binocular view. Or you can raise the bar with your best telescope.  The air is very dry, and in light winds, from April to October, there is very little particulate matter in the atmosphere.

Book your next astronomy group to stay at Kilcowera Station.

One of our favourite activities is to roll out a mat, grab a pillow and blanket, and lie on your back and soak in the expanse of the night sky.  Turn off every light.  You will see star formations that you have never noticed before.   It is hard to stop after an hour or so.  Down by the lagoon, you will see star reflections in the still water!

Your eyes adjust to night vision over two phases.  The first phase takes about three minutes, and gives you 70% of your night vision.  The last 30% takes up to 40 minutes. Serious star gazers have red lights or torches.  We made our own with cellophane over the torch.  Red light does not ruin your night vision, but any other light resets your brightness, and you have to wait another 40 minutes.

Look for a time when there is little or no moon. shows you the sun and moon cycle - essential information for a visit to Kilcowera.


We love receiving photographs from visitors who have captured the beauty of the outback sky. If you would like to send us any any photographs you've taken during your stay at Kilcowera for us to use on our website and socials, please click below.

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