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About Us

Get to know the team...


Peter and Hillary Davies

Kilcowera Station lease is owned and operated by Vision Pastoral Company Pty Ltd, set up by Peter Davies.  Peter grew up with an interest in the Outback, visiting family on farms around Griffith and Armidale.  Peter and Hillary lived in Alice Springs where Peter worked with Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory, and they developed a love for the colours, the stillness, and serenity of the country, and the resilience of the people who live there. During 2020, when most of life's activities seemed to be cancelled from COVID, Peter and Hillary took to the air in search for the perfect property, which they discovered in Kilcowera.  

The Dodds Family

Kilcowera station is managed by Stuart and Rosie Dodds, and their beautiful family of 9 children. They are experts in the management of outback properties, having studied and worked in this area since school.


When you contact the station, it will be one of their gorgeous family who will answer and greet you. They love people, and are always eager to learn new things, particularly the children who are homeschooled ('station schooled') by Rosie.

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