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Solar Eclipses at Kilcowera

Book your interest in staying at Kilcowera now!  July 2028 and November 2030.

Watch the 2024 eclipse here.

Total solar eclipses in Australia are rare.  Eclipses create paths across the landscape that totally block out the sun during the day.    There are two eclipses occurring, in 2028 and 2030, where the path of the eclipse crosses Kilcowera station.  

22 July 2028 around noon we will find a spot on the centre line of the eclipse, just north of our front gate entrance to Kilcowera.  For 255 seconds the sun will be completely obliterated by the moon.  We will see the diamond circle, as the sun illuminates the moon suface.

On the 25th November 2030, the next eclipse will occur before sunset, at 18:23:46 until 18:25:28, 37 minutes before sunset.  Hungerford is the best place to be for that amazing show, although our very own station will present amazing sunset views and a wonderful night celebration.

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